We are a team of 5 enthusiastic and highly motivated men. Between us we have trekked to the North and South Poles, climbed the world’s highest mountains, sailed the 7 seas, carried the Olympic torch and represented our countries as sportsmen. We aim to inspire others to reach for their goals.

Kevin Gaskell

A world-renowned business leader and inspirational speaker Kevin was previously MD of Porsche, BMW and Fairline Boats. He brings a mature aspect to the team and is vastly experienced at leading complex projects and demanding expeditions.

Kevin has walked to both the North Pole (twice) and to the South Pole as well as climbing some of the world’s highest mountains to raise funds for medical research.

The Atlantic Row has always been on Kevin’s list of inspiring challenges but the need to raise the awareness of the fight against plastics in the oceans encouraged him to get on and make it happen.

Will Hollingshead

Will has spent the last 5 years working in the superyacht industry and mixes his nautical role with a more land-based role in the tech sector. Full of ideas and always found trying something new, Will started out as a water sports instructor and has so far worked in 27 different countries. An entrepreneur at heart he is the co-founder of a nautical tech start- up business.

Chris Hodgson

Having spent much of his childhood playing in the waters of Pembrokeshire; sailing, water-skiing, wakeboarding and windsurfing. Chris is certainly no stranger to the sea. 

After working in Greece in the summers and the Alps during winter to follow his passion for extreme sports, Chris well and truly caught the ‘travel bug’ which led on to working as an officer onboard superyachts. This line of work has taken Chris all over the globe including three Atlantic crossing thus far.

Chris’s nautical knowledge and practical skills will play a vital role in the Talisker Atlantic Challenge for The Ocean5.

Sam Coxon

Sam came late to the fitness world but has realised he is a natural endurance athlete. Employed in the superyacht industry until he realized his passion for ultra-endurance competitions he has now created his own fitness and training business, completed 7 half Ironman’s, 1 full Ironman, 2 marathons and cycled the length of Great Britain. 

In 2017 Sam won a gold medal for his age group at a national level in triathlon. Recently selected to represent Great Britain in the triathlon world championship Sam will play a vital role in conditioning the team for the challenge of the Atlantic. 

Matt Gaskell

With a degree in conservation biology and recently having graduated from medical school, Matt has a keen interest in expedition medicine. Having walked to both Poles and climbed some of the world’s highest mountains, Matt was selected to carry the 2012 Olympic torch. His experience competing in multi-day endurance sports ensures that Matt understands just how difficult this ocean row will be.


Sponsors for the team will allow us to cover the costs of necessary equipment and entry fees to compete in the challenge. Put simply, without your support we cannot make this dream a reality. Our objective is to involve sponsors and contribute £250,000 to the Plastic Soup Foundation. 

The Plastic Soup Foundation are leading the fight against plastic pollution directly at source by preventing it entering the environment and the ocean. Today there is 393 million tons of plastic in the ocean, 99 % of which is hidden below the surface as the “plastic soup”.