The Ocean5 boat is a Rannoch 45, widely considered to be the fastest and safest rowing boat for an Atlantic crossing.

She is 28 feet long and just over 5 feet wide, with a small cabin at each end for protection against storms. She can withstand the worst weather that the ocean can throw at them and keep their crew safe. While capsizes may be at the forefront of the crew’s mind, electrical malfunctions and fire will be the problems most likely to disrupt the crossing.

The boat has no means of propulsion other than the rowers. The only power is electrical power generated by the solar panels mounted on the cabin roof. This is used to drive navigation, communication and drinking water desalination systems. All communication, medical and safety equipment will be carried on the boat. Fresh water will be produced by a desalination pump on board and around 500 kg of freeze dried rations will be needed.

All boats are equipped and scrutineered at the race start and cannot take any repair, help or food and water during the crossing. There is no ‘spare room’ on the boat and a ruthless attitude of ‘nothing weighs nothing’ will have to be applied to any luxury items. And no, there isn’t a flushing toilet! 


Sponsors for the team will allow us to cover the costs of necessary equipment and entry fees to compete in the challenge. Put simply, without your support we cannot make this dream a reality. Our objective is to involve sponsors and contribute £250,000 to the Plastic Soup Foundation. 

The Plastic Soup Foundation are leading the fight against plastic pollution directly at source by preventing it entering the environment and the ocean. Today there is 393 million tons of plastic in the ocean, 99 % of which is hidden below the surface as the “plastic soup”.