The Plastic Soup Foundation (PSF) is a charity doing amazing work in raising awareness of the issues of plastic waste in our oceans.

Recognised by the international press as ‘one of the leading advocacy groups to tackle plastic pollution’ and now in it’s eighth year, the PSF has grown from a small group of motivated volunteers without funding to a competent and committed board, worldwide network. 

Through smart and witty campaigns, the Plastic Soup Foundation has influenced the public, industry and politicians. Their ‘Beat the Microbead’ campaign is currently supported by 98 NGO’s in 41 countries. To date, as a result of the campaign, 448 cosmetic brands from 119 manufacturers have eliminated plastic microbeads from their products.

Plastic is no longer only just a problem of the ocean, but a very serious risk for human health. The Plastic Soup Foundation also provides information and supports scientific research into the effect of plastic on human health. Through the development of a Plastic Diet for companies the Plastic Soup Foundation is demonstrating ways in which business and individuals can reduce their Plastic Mass Index and begin to reduce their impact on the oceans and environment. See


“Since its invention some 100 years ago, plastic has become an integral part of our daily lives, but every year some eight million tons of it ends up in the ocean, and there it can be lethal. Once in the ocean, plastic breaks down into tiny fragments, micro plastics and along with the industrial chemicals which have drained into the oceans forms a toxic soup. We may think we live a long way from the oceans, but we don’t. What we actually do here, and in the middle of Asia and wherever, has a direct effect on the oceans – and what the oceans do then reflects back on us. We have a responsibility, every one of us, to address this. We need to do something about plastic in the oceans right now.


Sponsors for the team will allow us to cover the costs of necessary equipment and entry fees to compete in the challenge. Put simply, without your support we cannot make this dream a reality. Our objective is to involve sponsors and contribute £250,000 to the Plastic Soup Foundation. 

The Plastic Soup Foundation are leading the fight against plastic pollution directly at source by preventing it entering the environment and the ocean. Today there is 393 million tons of plastic in the ocean, 99 % of which is hidden below the surface as the “plastic soup”.